For the Grower who knows not to risk loss due to an inferior structure!


Perfect For Educational Facilities, School Campuses, Colleges, and all levels of Growers!


Our Line of Steel & Aluminum Framed Greenhouses are indestructible, and all are backed by 15 year no nonsense warranties! Designed to stand the test of time, all while not draining your wallet!  Our Buildings are the most efficient Greenhouse System availabe on the market! Custom Design Builds available to suit your needs!


Each Building Systems Includes: 


Load Capable Steel Frame System

Twin Wall Indestructible 8mm Poly Carbonate- 80% Light Transferrance

Optional Blackout Wall Panels

Steel Walk Door with Frame and Locking Hardware

Exhuast Fans

Intake Louvers

Lifetime Fasteners

A325 Bolts 


Please feel free to email or call our office with any questions!


We Do Custom Design Builds!

24ft x 36ft x 10ft Budget Grower

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